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As you may know I wrote a handy little web script that generates maps of WSPR activity ( http://k4det.net/wsprmap ). I rely on the nightly batch files of wspr contacts that until recently have been available for download on this site. Does anyone know why they've stopped being produced?

Thank you and 73 de k4det


Thank you all for the support you've given me regarding the WSPR animated GIF generator program! I've tweaked it, added a few features, fixed a glaring bug, and have released version 1.0 at this URL. Please continue to send me feedback, bugs reports, and ideas for additional features!

PS - For those of you that used it and got the dreaded 'No Spots Found' message, please try again.


After getting very positive feedback from many of you regarding the WSPR map generator I wrote, I decided to go ahead and make it available to all Amateurs. You can find it here.

Remember, it's a beta, and for now there's only data for December 1, 2011 thru 23:58 on the previous UTC day (assuming my auto upload scripts work!). Please enjoy!

Some of the features:

I've recently written a small Java web app that produces animated gifs of one's activity on WSPR. It uses the raw data supplied on this site and accepts various options. Is this this something that would be useful for others? I'm willing to donate the code to this site, and I'd like to hear from you regarding additional features.

See this forum topic for more info and sample files/screenshots.

73 de k4det