W5KV's blog

My standard WSPR receive antenna from henceforth will be the W6LVP active receive loop. I've found it particularly useful because of its broadband nature - and it really helps dig the signals out!

I just did a review on the loop here: https://youtu.be/BJTTy0F04yg

You might see your call sign in there @ around 2:17 :)

Finally got the personal blog up and running @ www.k5acl.net.

I hope to make lots of informational videos over the coming months on WSPR, how to get started, and some common issues that I ran into getting up & running.

I've found WSPR to be a great alternative to use when I'm just so busy I don't have any desk time w/ the radio.

Want to thank all the operators out there who continue to make WSPR better everyday!