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5mW on 40meters never ceases to surprise me. I started the machine this afternoon and will leave it for a week or so.

Currently running only 5mw on 40m and am amazed at how far away the signals are being received.
The antenna is an MFJ magnetic loop at just 2 metres above ground level. SotaBeams WSPRLite is the moving force (or should I say "whisper"?).
I will keep on 40m for a day or so longer and then see what happens on 20m.

This afternoon I lashed up an MFJ mag loop at only 1.5 metres above ground level just outside my shack. Using my base rig to tune the antenna to the same frequency as the WSPRLITE the swr is more or less 1:1 and the results are very interesting. I'll continue to broadcast with the setup as is for a day or two but the plan now (as the loop seems to be doing a great job)is to move it across the garden into the open mounted at say 3 metres. Then I plan to rotate it and test it horizontally polarised.

I have just completed the very simple installation of the new Sotabeams WSPRLite. Currently on 20m but conditions are pretty abysmal. Usual antenna in use (6 Band Hexbeam at only 20ft.)
Looking forward to doing some comparison tests with other antennas and beaming in different directions.

My kit from QRP Labs is now complete but I just can't seem to squeeze enough RF out of it to reach beyond the confines of my village. !!! The antenna is a 6 band Hexbeam and is currently WSPRing with a TS990S @ 5w as the driving force. Back to the drawing board with the QRP Labs kit. :-(