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I've attached a distance vs. UTC plot of my 500mW WSPR signal on 10m for a 24 hour period. Interesting how it shows how the band opens and closes to different geographic locations. My signal is unheard on 10m from 0200-1400, begins to be heard in both NA and EU at 1400, EU drops off by 1800, East Africa lingers and Oceania picks up and stays to 0200. Also interesting to note that I'm not being heard by anyone closer that 1600 miles.

73 de AC7SM (Larry)

Short video I created from WSPR map screenshots of 24 hours of recent 10m activity. (10/02/11 14:00UTC-10/03/11 14:00UTC). Interesting to see propagation conditions change and how paths open and close between continents.

I also placed a link the the video on the WSPR Facebook page:


One small change: members can now post to the group by sending an email to the following address:

73 de AC7SM

An open Facebook group devoted to amateur radio operators who utilize the WSPR mode and anyone interested in very low powered, narrowband radio transmission. If you have a Facebook account check it out.

I've been consistently noticing that the number of stations who are hearing me at any given moment is usually a few stations more that the number I’m hearing, (i.e. my "voice" generally outperforms my "ears"). The ratio fluctuates but usually rests at about 4:3 (heard by/hearing). I suppose the solution is to use separate antennae for TX and RX, (i.e. a better RX antenna). Any ideas?

73. Larry, AC7SM

Does anyone else ever see this phenomenon? -see attached WSPR screen captures

I have been seeing it during the late afternoon and early evening time frame here in the southwestern US.

Also if anyone has any links to homebrew attenuator projects please post.

Cheers from chilly Las Vegas! (currently 47 degrees F)

-Larry AC7SM

Hi everyone,

Just a few quick notes on the WSPR setup here:

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, Grid: DM26IE
Rig: Yaesu FT-897 usually @5W
Antenna: Yaesu ATAS-100 (mounted on roof w/ chickenwire ground plane)
Interface: WMR Rigblaster Plus

-Larry AC7SM