wb2yds's blog

Recently installed the ICOM FL53 (250HZ) CW filter in the IC703. This works very well
and it's passband sits nicely centered at 1500 hz with zero IF Shift. This is very
convenient for WSPR QSO mode in USB with WSJT 7 as this is the default center for this mode.

WB2YDS WSPR Station Info

LOCATION : Long Island IOTA NA-026 in
Grid FN30nw

RIGS : IC703+ and IC706MKIIG with TCXO usually set for 1 Watt output .

COMPUTER : An ancient Dell Optiplex desktop , Pentium 3 ( I think) running
Windows XP . Seems to do a great Job on WSPR and other Digimodes using Multipsk.

INTERFACE : The Rigblaster Plug and Play.