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Hi: This probably as nothing directly to do with WSPR, but has anyone nothing their PC clock, and hence decodes, change after playing videos? I just watched maybe 10 short videos, and my clock drifted 5+ seconds! That's within a few hours..
bewildered.. KB2MEN

Hi Folks:
I've seen this a couple times, and wonder if anyone else has.. At some point, The spectrum still scrolls, but shows nothing for hours, not even a base line, but the decoder is still decoding signals.. I pull the radio out of the mic jack on the computer, plug it back in, and the spectrum starts working.. That's all I have to do. Scratching my head.. de KB2MEN

Not one decode on 160M the last 24 hours.. Taking to rig to work tomorrow to put on the IFR. I think band-relay shot.

I seen a prediction for ducting.. I hear 432 beacons.. So, I'm QRV 432.3

I don't know how stable or accurate my radio is on 440, but I'm TX'ing 16% on 432.3015 through a helix pointing up! Right now, and through the night. This ever been done with WSPR? Implications? Multipath? phase distortion? TNX QRZ de KB2MEN

Hi Folks:
I've been monitoring 15 min mode on 160, but no hits. Is there a distinction in the activity list for 15 min mode? I don't see anything.

QRP QSO on 6 NJ to FL today!

Hi Folks!