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Today was quite a bit of fun. Having run WSPR yesterday, and leaving it at 500mW (via FT-817ND menu), I decided to try to reduce the power output by reducing audio drive. It worked (a no brainer). Interestingly enough, 15m was open to the US using 500, 200 and 100mW. When I dropped the audio to produce 50mW, the output was there, but I think I left it a bit late in the day. Will try again tomorrow to see IF I can cross the Atlantic on 50mW. That's about as low as I really can go using the current ATU power meter... fingers crossed. 73 to all, and of course, good DX.

Hi all, monitoring here in Bristol just noticed my clock was out, have adjusted and as at 11:04 UTC 04/05 should be spot on... antenna is nothing flash just a few bits of wire hanging off of a 5m length of RG213. G call is hopefully in the post...
David - ZL1BT/G