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That is the "advice" given to me by older "wiser" UK Radio Amateurs. It's all ground-wave - no good for DX during a sun-spot minimum, they say. At a local Amateur Radio club, the members turned their nose-up at a suggestion of a local 10 metre net. "It will not work, people are too far apart, better off to use VHF", they complained. And therein seems to lie a pathological dismissal, and almost hatred, of 28MHz in the UK. WSPR has proven them very, very, wrong!

Hello WSPRs of the world.

I am now WSPRing with my new FT-991A and my custom wooden stand which sandwiches my LDG AT-200ProII matcher between two pieces of 25mm thick foam. That has stopped the case from ringing every time the relays click over. Fist time WSPRing tonight with new set-up and the first test transmissions on 40m hit Australia and the USA from England with no trouble. This stuff is highly addictive!!