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After 20+ years living in VA.

I cut the drive level for the Si5351 in half, and added a 7 pole 20m low pass filter after the BS170 amplifier, dropping my output from 200 mW to 100 mW. This did help clean up spurious emissions. Then I raised my 20m inverted vee's shamefully low fiberglass mast from 16 feet to (a still pathetic) 24 feet. The net result is a cleaner signal, lower swr, and the addition of European spots. I also modified the Arduino code to randomize transmission times, so I'm no longer transmitting only on the 10s.

This is just too much fun!

I added a 200 mW BS170 amplifier onto the end of the Si5351 and, lo and behold, the little thing can be heard on the west coast, and also in the Canary Islands.
I can only imagine what would happen if I could get the antenna a little higher off the ground.

Ham radio is cool!

Most ham fun I've had in years.

An Arduino Mega with a "Gowoops" GPS (for time discipline, and grid square calculation), controlling an Si5351 frequency synthesizer. This is a VFO connected to an antenna. Currently operating on 20 m. Typical day -- 33 spots from 13 different stations. What a blast!