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The antenna now in use on 20m is a half wavelength of wire (14mhz) formed into a square 8 feet (2.5m) on a side and fed at the bottom horizontal run via an SEM Z match.
The idea is to experiment with the high angle of radiation from this arrangement (mostly directly upwards, the initial results show an extremely efficient method of covering almost any distance out to 2000 km with the present band conditions (mostly Sp/ E) with some surprising DX results too, Japan, Alaska, Antartica, Western Canada and the United states and South Africa.

Amazed that my 2 watts of rf to my 90cm diameter mag loop was heard by VK2XN at -16db.
I also heard VK2XN at -12db.
Does that count as a contact ;-))
More surprising because of recent radio blackout due to a CME the previous day!