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Having seen and read several posts regarding the puzzle of WSPR QSO mode operation, I found it puzzling that I hadn't had a lick of trouble figuring it out--now, I'm no rocket scientist so I figured there must be more to it--perhaps I was missing something.

Now I'm convinced that having used the JT65 mode in WSJT for a while prior to trying WSPR set the stage for the largely undocumented operation of WSPR in ver7.

First, from a new member and interested weak signal newbie, hello to all. I hope to be seing many of you on the decode screen soon.

I'm not new to amateur radio, first licensed in 1963, but I am relatively new to the digital modes and especially VHF/UHF. I have set up a simple V/U sat capability and will continue to imprve it and add for a potential EME set-up.

I'm also active on HF with Jt65, olivia, hell, and psk.