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I'm playing around with the data from two months I downloaded from here. At present, I'm just familiarising myself with the stuff. Here's a table of the mean signal strength reported by Reporter. It varies hugely, and it might be interesting to investigate why. I have cut out those reporters with less than 100 entries.

Here are the top few in August 2018.

Reporter/Average report dBm/Number of reports :

Is anyone currently attempting WSPR on VHF in the UK? If so, I would be interested in QRG and potential "sked"

We appear to be split on 60m. Some of us are on 5.2872 MHz dial, others are on 5.3647 MHz.

I have no axe to grind either way, but working split down the middle doesn't seem to me to be sensible.

I'm going to play on 2m for a few hours. I'd be interested to know if anyone can hear me.

West Midlands, UK.

Using 10W to a collinear.

[edit 19:10 UTC]
Now band hopping 2m 144.489 -70cm 432.300

[20:10] QRT. there are three people in the world on 70cm WSPR, and I'm the only one in Europe!

if anyone fancies a try again, just let me know.
73 Mark

It's thundery here. I've pulled the wire antenna down, and it's now draped over some outhouses.

I'm running WSPR in RX only mode on 10m, and I'm hearing all over europe. OH5XO and LA2BCN in particular, are really strong into my shed roof wire!

I'm sitting on 160 metres, trying WSPR 15 - but there seems to be no central logging system. If anyone is hearign me, please could they let me know?

And I will post anything I hear here.

Seems to be on 100% TX and 0dBm on 80m this evening.

Maybe time to read the manual?

Anyone have any idea where the wsprx (the experimental slow 15 minute mode) reports end up?

I'm sitting on 160m running wspr-x at 1 watt at the moment (18:00 UTC) but I can't see where any maps or other supporting information like who else is on is to be found.

Or am I on my own? :-)

Mark M0DEV

For some reason, I seem to be hearing a lot more than anyone else. This is a sufficiently strange phenomenon for me that i thought I would share my kit with others - particularly G8DYK, G4BOO, PE1MPX and OZ7IT.

I'm using a IC-756 Pro III set at about 5W into an SGC MAC-200 ATU which is handling a long wire. No idea how long, but it runs down the side of a small field, in the hedge. It's about 10m high at it's best point, which is in a tree, followed by a long, sloping section. It's not great, but it is straight.

How does the UK operate on 2m?

** Horizontally or vertically polarised?
** 144.492 dial?

I've spend some time, today, vertically on .492 and heard nothing. I'd have expected to hear one or two people who were on today :-(


Certainly interesting. I ran for most of the afternoon on a long wire from an ft-897 running at 37dBm, and collected a couple of G-stations.

I swapped to a TS-2000, 37dBm, using a home brew off-centre fed dipole which is (I know) quite a lot better than the long wire on every band except top band. I'm now into IK, HB, EA...

Trouble is there is more than one variable here. So no conclusions!

73 Mark M0DEV.

Am I really the only person in the UK on WSPR 144MHz? :-(

And one of three in Europe :-(((

Sitting on 160m tonight.

Enough WSPR activity to suggest the band is open to France and Denmark (from the UK).
Switch to JT65. Dead. Clearly lots more people sitting on WSPR, and no-one in QSO-able modes.


Mark, M0DEV

Cut it, put it up to tune it, thought it was too hot to do anything physical, so stuck WSPR on.

JH1GYE bidirectional. TYVM!

(That's on 20m, but on what is more or less untuned randomness I was pleased)

What's the consensus of opinion on the advantage WSPR has over, say SSB. So, suppose I can "work" a tasty DX from IO82 on 5W WSPR, what would I need to work him on SSB?

I think it's at least 15dB. Probably a lot more.