ON3JT's blog

Finished my SDR Lite II last saturday for 30m. Last night I started VAC + Rocky + WSPR to see
if any good. And yes it works :-)

Slightly off frequency, but have no decent time marker available to adjust the single band setting
in Rocky. But hey it's good enough tot start with.

Antenna is a simple dipole, parallel fed with a Diamond W735. The W735 is now a 4-bander (80/40/30/20), just 2
meter above ground.

73 ON3JT

Moved house in july 2009. No antennas at the moment but I'll give it another try.
Made me an FD4 antenna. The problem is that the antenna is not installed. It is just lying on the lawn from east to west.
But it kinda works :-)

Now monitoring 30m with the preamp from the ic725 switched on and tuned with the mfj 941e.