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Sometimes 160m propagation has curious effects. That night I received on 160m the signal of John (K3KQV) from 02:10z to 05:30z with a kind of double peak. The first one at 04:12z (snr-5) is atypical, the second one at 05:20z (snr-9) is the usual peak framed by the beginning the twilight (TS) and the sunrise (SR).
I also wonder about the real power of John. An snr of -5 with 1w is a record. Unfortunately I did not find any email address to contact him :-(
Good luck to all, season soon closed ...
73, Patrick

I was listening 630m all night long with some success:

2015-03-10 04:22 WG2XJM 0.475775 -27 0 EN91wr 5 F59706 JN07th 6206 54
2015-03-10 04:26 WE2XGR 0.475797 -25 0 FN31ls 10 F59706 JN07th 5720 57
2015-03-10 04:06 WE2XGR 0.475797 -26 0 FN31ls 10 F59706 JN07th 5720 57

G3XKR heard same stations but in a wider time range (03:04-05:28z).

73, Patrick

With the ARRL CW contest the 160m is not usable. That night I stayed on 630m. Finally a good choice, I heard with some luck WG2XJM (part 5 license of NO3M) for the first time in 2015 (last time 2014-02-08):
2015-02-22 04:14 WG2XJM 0.475775 -31 0 EN91wr 5 F59706 JN07th 6206 54
A test to retry...
73, Patrick

February continues to provide good news on 160m. That night a new entrant W3TIM (registered for 2 days) created the event; heard by 9 stations in Europe, it has lowered its power to 200mw at EU sunrise with a new record distance:

2015-02-17 07:12 W3TIM 1.838107 -25 0 FM18cl 0.2 F59706 JN07th 6260 **new distance record**
2015-02-17 07:12 W3TIM 1.838112 -29 0 FM18cl 0.2 G4BOO IO91ij 5906
2015-02-17 07:12 W3TIM 1.838108 -23 0 FM18cl 0.2 G3YPQ IO70ss 5715

Active night on 160m between 03:10z and 07:40z with 196 dx spots "across the pond" in the wsprnet database. Thanks to two NA stations: WB5WPA heard by 6 EU stations, K3KQV (new entrant) heard by 11 EU stations. To note also G4BOO heard by K9AN and N2NOM, and ON7KO heard by N2NOM.

We are in the middle of the season and the activity begins to grow.
On January 3, 77 dx spots, 12 active dx stations, 7 NA stations heard in EU, 4 EU stations heard in the USA.
On january 4, 113 dx spots, 10 active dx stations, 5 NA stations heard in EU, 6 EU stations heard in the USA.
These last two nights on 160m were interesting because conditions are good in both ways.
I hope the number of stations continues to grow because I'm late for my annual RX Challenge. My score is up to 22 NA calls heard (27 last year at the same time).

I noted in the day that Rick (VK6XT) was very active to the USA for 2 hours after its sunset (11:16z) with 45 dx spots in the wspr database. He was spotted by 6 NA stations at the same time (12:10z).
It was unlikely to imagine a similar event for Europe at Rick sunrise (20:53z). To the best of my knowledge there is no precedent.
Rick is firstly spotted by John (G8DYK) at 18:52z then PA1RZ, OZ7IT, F5OIH, F59706, G3WPD, ON7KO, G4BOO and the latest OH8ALT/P at 21:06Z for a total of 61 dx spots.

I am always amazed by the diversity of the propagation on 160m and sometimes concentration in a small area.
This morning at sunrise, it was "K9 only" for a short opening of 18 minutes with at the end my 20th NA stations of my season (K9YWO):
2014-12-08 07:32 K9AN 1.838170 -24 0 EN50wc 2 F59706 JN07th 6849 50
2014-12-08 07:20 K9PAW 1.838190 -28 0 EN61ar 1 F59706 JN07th 6723 51
2014-12-08 07:14 K9YWO 1.838181 -26 0 EN61fn 1 F59706 JN07th 6708 51

Interesting active night and sunrise on 160m, around 150 dx spots "across the pond", 6 NA stations in the round (K9AN, N3CO, KC2STA, KB1YFS, W1FVB, N2NOM) and 9 EU stations.
To note the long session between KB1YFD and me (38 spots), the same snr level(+/-1) along the night with an early spot:
2014-11-22 23:10 KB1YFD 1.838011 -23 0 FN41ro 10 F59706 JN07th 5555
and the last one at 07:18z.

Thank you to all, Patrick

A real surprise on 160m, between 05:02Z and 06:46Z (EU sunrise), not less than 67 DX spots "across the pond"; 40 from EU and 27 from NA. In the party were: K4MOG, KJ4YBS, N2NOM, WU2M, G0KTN, G8HUH, G3VIR, G4FKK, G4BOO, F59706.
We note a probable new qrpp record (EU to NA) with 200mw (congrats to Martin and Rocco):
2014-11-10 06:38 G4FKK 1.838027 -26 0 IO91wi 0.2 WU2M FN23tb 5440 291
For my part, I was able to decode two new stations (K4MOG, WU2M), bringing my score of my RX challenge to 17 (close to my 19 of last year at the same time.

With the seasonality of 160m, it is nice to see again friends. This morning, Frits was present to the RDV of 160m wspr. Once again, I heard its 500mw (last time 2013/10/09):
2014-10-18 03:58 W1FVB 1.838047 -27 0 FN44ej 0.5 F59706 JN07th 5467 59
2014-10-18 04:58 W1FVB 1.838044 -24 0 FN44ej 0.5 F59706 JN07th 5467 59
He tried to reduce to 250mW without success but it is only "postponed".

Frits wrote in his blog this morning(http://vbradio.wordpress.com)

Second active EU sunrise on 160m wspr of the new season to NA stations. 70 dx spots across the pond in the wspr data base mainly around sunrise window (04:00z and 06:00z). Five NA stations heard in EU (KJ4YBS, K9PAW, VA3MW, K9AN, N3CO) by a gang of seven EU stations whose spotted a least one NA stn. To note the absence of Bob K4RCG of this session despite good cdx. Maybe according map the path was a bit more north of him?
Hope to see more and more EU and NA stations to the coming days joining to the party.
73, Patrick, F59706

Mike told me he would be there this weekend for the recovery of activity on 160m "across the pond". Well he has not missed his appointment. During the night, it was heard by G8DYK, G3ZJG and I F59706. He heard PA0O and especially G3ZJG to score a rare and first 2way across the pond of this new season.
Also to note, Bob K4RCG at my sunrise, heard with SNR=-15. The highest snr since the development of its 160/80m antenna.
A month after the start of the new season and thanks to Mike, my score for my Rx Challenge is up to 9.

Thanks to all and GL, Patrick

Great to see the first active night of the new season to NA stations. Around 50 dx spots across the pond in the wspr data base between 01:46z and 05:10z and three NA stations heard in EU : KJ4YBS, K9PAW and K4RCG. We can congratulate Bob (K4RCG) for the new and effective 160m antenna.
W3PM, K9AN and K9YWO were "on air" but have not been heard.
I'm naturally optimistic for the rest of the season and the running score of my Challenge. Good luck to all, 73

Today, at my sunrise i spotted our friend George: 2014-08-09 03:44 K9PAW 1.838193 -30 0 EN61ar 1 F59706 JN07th 6723
This first NA station opens my new season and my Rx Challenge. The goal is to spot (Rx) the greatest number of UNIQUE CALLSIGN of North American station (W and VE). The previous season I had reached the number of 39 unique callsign. I'm using the same antenna system (2x Wellbrook ALA100 loop) and wires configuration for the new period.