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The goal of my 160m season is already reached. After the latest night, my 160m Challenge of reception include 29 unique callsigns of North American stations. I finished the previous season with a count of 27. So I hope now to "blow up" this score because the period is not over.

I have a great pleasure to publish this list with the power to show the qrp spirit of all the station i heard.

Since September 2013 start date of my new season on 160m WSPR I was happy to know that Leigh (VK2KRR) came back to the 160m. I was a little impatient to spot again Leigh . The last time was on 25/04/2012 .....
Well last night, as we say in French "J'ai remis le couvert" (I've done it again) :

2014-01-21 19:24 VK2KRR 1.838101 -25 0 20 QF34mr JN07th F59706 16864 306

My daughters tell me that I was very nice throughout the year. So my request to Santa Claus is simple, I want to spot Leigh (VK2KRR) in 160m soon ... HI!!! I do not know but this season it does not happen ...
Merry Christmas to all,

On October 28 I had the chance to spot W1CK from west coast. Steve worked at this time with 5w. It was already a first one for me. This morning at sunrise, the conditions were great for a new hop between San Diego (West Coast) and Europe. I was not alone to take advantage of these conditions:
2013-12-22 07:16 W1CK 1.838159 -23 0 DM13ie 5 F59706 JN07th 9190 37
2013-12-22 07:16 W1CK 1.838160 -27 0 DM13ie 5 G8DYK IO85te 8410 32
2013-12-22 07:16 W1CK 1.838159 -25 0 DM13ie 5 PA0O JO33hg 8987 30

Generally, propagation conditions in 160m wspr between NA and EU are erratic. Similarly, an NA signal can be heard strongly somewhere in Europe and 500km away from there the signal is zero. Well, last night and around EU sunrise, Ian (N9XG) showed us something very different. Its 5w were heard continuously from 03:36z until 07:16z in a wide band from Goteborg (Sweden) to Valencia (Spain) by 10 European stations: The lucky ones are (fm north to South): SM6WZI, OZ7IT, G8DYK, PA0O, PE1MPX, GW0OAJ, G4BOO, DK6UG, F59706, EA5ZL. Congratulations to Ian (N9XG) for this wonderful session.

After days and days of a sad propagation 160m comes alive. And how! there were exactly 760 DX spots between NA and EU from 09:24z(11/28) to 08:22z(11/29). The last similar event dated of October 13 with 350 dx spots "across the pond". DX Stations were: WB5WPA, K9PAW, K9YWO, K9AN, W3PM, N2NOM, VA3MW, KC2STA, G8DYK, G8HUH, G3ZJG, G8JNJ/A, PA0O, PA0HCK, ON7KB, PA3MET, PE1MPX, PI4THT, OZ7IT, DK6UG , F59706.

On September 21, I spotted Steve (W1CK) on 80m WSPR. Happy, it was said that the next step was on 160m. Well! It's done this morning:
2013-10-28 06:32 W1CK 1.838159 -27 0 DM13ie 5 F59706 JN07th 9190 37
2013-10-28 06:46 W1CK 1.838159 -27 0 DM13ie 5 F59706 JN07th 9190 37

The west coast is a first time for me on 160m wspr. I must remember that this is Tom (G8HUH) which paved the way two days earlier:
2013-10-26 04:26 W1CK 1.838032 -26 0 DM13ie 5 G8HUH IO81mg 8651 36

After five days without dx from North American stations, signals timidly returned last night on 160m: thanks to Mike (VA3MW/P).
By cons, the performance goes to W1FVB who gave me the chance to decode twice while his power was reduced to 0.5w.
2013-10-09 02:34 W1FVB 1.838027 -26 0 FN44ej 0.5 F59706 JN07th 5467 59
2013-10-09 02:38 W1FVB 1.838027 -30 0 FN44ej 0.5 F59706 JN07th 5467 59
A first time for me on this band!

73 to all, Patrick

Yes really active. This morning between 04:08z and 06:04z no less than 50 dx spots "across the pond" with an beautiful and constant propagation, clean traces without qsb or qrn.
10 stations have benefited from these conditions and of course there is still room for new entrants during this magical time of sunrise. So come on guys,...

By my side, 6 NA stations spotted with a new one K7EA (Richard), bringing my Challenge score to 8 since aug-24/2013.

NA Callsign listing (pwr): VA3MW/P(5w), W1FVB(1w), WB5WPA(5w), VE3SWS(5w), K4RCG(5w), K9PAW(1w), K9YWO(1w), K7EA(5w).

Despite average conditions 160m is currently attractive in EU. This morning around 38 stations on air (tx-rx).
25 dx Spots "across the pond" during greyline from K9PAW, K9YWO, VA3MW/p, VE3SWS, G8HUH, F6CNI, G3ZJG, F59706.
Congrats to John (G3ZJG) for "two-way" contacts with VE3SWS and VA3MW/P- Rarely seen at this time frame.
By my side, I hope to hear and decode Laurence (KL7L), recent WSPRer but yet very active.
One word to say "AGAIN,.."
73, Patrick

After the windstorm that broke his previous antenna, Mike is back last night with a "160m full sized vertical". I try to imagine !!
Despite poor conditions, Mike is the only one NA station crossing the pond and now take place in my 160m challenge list with 1W.
In the night Jaap (PA0O) had opened the way.

Frits (W1FVB) gave a good example of fine tuning of window time, % time tx and pwr TX:
2013-09-08 04:48 W1FVB 1.838066 -27 0 FN44ej 5 G8HUH IO81mg 4992
2013-09-08 04:58 W1FVB 1.838063 -26 0 FN44ej 5 F59706 JN07th 5467
2013-09-08 05:04 W1FVB 1.838063 -24 0 FN44ej 2 F59706 JN07th 5467
2013-09-08 05:06 W1FVB 1.838063 -27 0 FN44ej 2 F59706 JN07th 5467
2013-09-08 05:08 W1FVB 1.838063 -27 0 FN44ej 2 F59706 JN07th 5467 (sunrise)

Excellent night session on 160m WSPR with great opportunities and so, great spots!!:

2013-09-01 19:54 ZS1LS 1.838070 -25 0 JF96fd 20 F59706 JN07th 9181kms
2013-09-02 04:00 W1FVB 1.838062 -21 0 FN44ej 5 F59706 JN07th 5467kms
2013-09-02 04:00 VE3SWS 1.838105 -24 0 FN06ge 20 F59706 JN07th 5882kms
2013-09-02 04:04 K4RCG 1.838096 -23 0 FM08xl 20 F59706 JN07th 6278kms
2013-09-02 04:38 K9PAW 1.838188 -26 0 EN61ar 1 F59706 JN07th 6723kms

I spotted this morning, with a little advance, my first North American station of my new season in 160m WSPR, as usual in my gray line:
2013-08-24 03:54 VA3MW/P 1.838148 -22 0 FN04qm 5 F59706 JN07th 5930 56
2013-08-24 04:06 VA3MW/P 1.838148 -21 0 FN04qm 5 F59706 JN07th 5930 56
2013-08-24 04:14 VA3MW/P 1.838148 -17 0 FN04qm 5 F59706 JN07th 5930 56
2013-08-24 04:20 VA3MW/P 1.838149 -16 0 FN04qm 5 F59706 JN07th 5930 56