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Mmm!, thought of using the HB9CV for WSPR on 2, but decided to see what action there is on UI-View lately instead. Used to have it running years ago with the KW D-700, but had to flog it when financially embarrassed *sigh*. Anyway, seing as the IC-E2820 has only entertained one Digital Voice for over a year now (No repeaters in range), decided to use it on 144.800 with the old PK-12 tnc, plus the HB8CV of course. Since the new Kenwood has been around for a while now, it would appear that UI-View has had a resurgeance. Loads of peeps on the screen, i see now. This is running on a seperate computer to the WSPR set-up incidentally.

Also on that computer, using a switchable serial port, is Radiocom 6 driving an IC-817 for SWL'ng. Invariably i leave that decoding NAVTEX which is built in the Radiocom software. It also has SSTV and PSK capability, but honestly, it is not a patch on MMSSTV and Multipsk/DM 780.

The WSPR computer is also setup to drive a PCR-100 with Radiocom 6/Ham Radio Deluxe, BCTOOL driving a Uniden UBC3500XLT scanner, or SBS1 virtual radar.

Not connected to computers are UBC780XLT/UBC3300XLT scanners and a pristine condition FRG-7.