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Finally got my Raspi-PI2 working a few weeks ago using the latest Raspi version of WSJT-X. Works fantastic with no issues. Setup is simply my PI2 with an RT Systems converter for rig control and a SignaLink USB for the sound card interface. Just attached a new Pi Zero Wireless with a MakerSpot USB hub in place of the PI2 and it seems to be working the same, speed and all. I am presently using an ICOM IC-703 that is dedicated for this project. I have been running 20dBm (100mW) for almost a year and today have decreased it to 10 dBm (10mW).

I have been using NMEA Time, D4 and Meinberg for many years. Starting 6/5/2016, my main computer all of a sudden stopped syncing time with all of them, even Windows Time sync won't work. My alternate computer is set up the same and started to show the same effects on 6/10/2016. Both running W7 64 bit and no know viruses. No new program installs or updates since the end of May.

Just wondering if anyone else has the same issue and how you resolved it, it you did. Kind of hard to get my WSPR station back on the air until I do resolve the pesky issue.

Tnx de N3EDS

Has anyone put together a Raspberry PI that works with WSPR 2.21? Would really like to know how.

Tnx de N3EDS, Jeff

Finally realized that I could use the XVTX/C port on my FLEX-1500 to TX at 1 mW. Been running it all afternoon and evening on 30M and plan to run it all night, at least. Will try other bands later when the contest is over. Using a G5RV at 45ft. WSPR-X TX set at 50%. Thanks to the spotters below as they are the first to hear me at reference power!