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Hi, does anyone have any information regarding this spot, received by quite a few folks on 160m?
Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
2018-03-22 05:52 CI6SJL 1.838148 -15 0 EP07 100 G8DYK IO85te 4766 56
2018-03-22 05:00 CI6SJL 1.838146 -26 0 EP07 100 OZ2JBR JO65di 5237 46
2018-03-22 03:12 CI6SJL 1.838154 -25 0 EP07 100 OZ7IT JO65df 5249 46
2018-03-22 00:54 CI6SJL 1.838147 -31 0 EP07 100 G4WLC IO81rs 5078 59

Quite a surprise to find this one when going through last nights spots
2016-09-06 23:38 ZP4KFX 1.838036 -26 0 GG14hq 20 G8DYK IO85te 10358 28

Congrats to WD1S, N2NOM and also K4RCG
(and of course many thanks to Pino ZP4KFX)

73 John G8DYK

Hi All,
I am only in ET until Friday morning 12th June and will be listening all day today on 10m and then all day thursday on 15m
(tnx Patrick!).No tx again I'm afraid.
Unfortunately it's the rainy season out here and the internet is up and down and has failed totally at the rx QTH so I
will have to post the spots manually.
So, todays 10m spots hopefully posted tomorrow, thursdays 15m spots posted Friday...... etc.
I'm just about to try and download some spots from setup testing yesterday on 10m,
73 John G8DYK

What was the name of that song ? ---- I think it was by "The Drifters" !

Don't quite know what this problem is, or indeed who!

73 John ET/G8DYK

Amazing really, one of the guy ropes on my 160m dipole snapped in the high winds yesterday leaving "the earthy end" on the ground. So at the moment I seem to have a horizontal 1/4 wave antenna NE/SW fed at the SW end, the other end being on the deck. Even so managed to receive a spot on 160m this morning from KD6RF, David in Texas. Not quite sure if I should fix it, leave it or try a different antenna!......73 John

Struggling with this at the moment, so any suggestions greatfully received!
I'm using SDR# v1.0.0.1326 together with the FDD and WSPR 2.12.
RX frequency in SDR# set to 40 metres, 7.038.600 and hear and see WSPR traces in SDR# waterfall, (they stop when they should etc) but WSPR decodes nothing. RX noise level in the WSPR display seems high at (red) 21dB but can't reduce this at all.
Oh yes, the pc is an old core 2 running Vista

Many thanks for reading this,
John G8DYK

Thanks to Hans again - yet another on the air.

Any spots greatfully received - I've just hooked up the SKM52 GPS to the U3, both of which worked first time :-)
The GPS is incredibly sensitive as it locked first time in the shack (with not a window to be seen)!

120mW to a top band dipole so fingers crossed,

73 de John G8DYK

Power Reported Distance
Date Call Frequency SNR Drift Grid dBm W
by loc km mi
2013-12-24 12:16 HV3HRT 1.838061 -30 0 PH83 +43 19.953 G8DYK IO85te 14504 9012

Just to add my thanks to the creators, supporters and users of WSPR.
Best DX to date was yesterday, so really pleased:-
2013-11-04 18:54 VK2KRR 1.838103 -23 0 QF34mr +43 19.953 G8DYK IO85te 16800 10439

73 John