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I'm normally running KiwiSDR with vertical whip tuned on 2,200m.
Three users can login without password whenever if solar power on.
Chrome or Firefox are usable at URL:

JI1CBW appears on LF WSPR-2 after Oct. 30th 2016.

Now WSPR-X v0.9 r3621 is working on my RaspberryPi 2 model B.

My WSPR-2 decoded the signals from WH2XND (in Arizona U.S.A. ) on Sep 13 2015.
The WSPRNet calculates the distance is 9,254km far from there.
My RX system is a 23m high mono-pole and direct-conversion RX at remote site. I`m
listnning to almost whole houres via VHF link.