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These few spots slipped through when I was changing from 30m to 60m at 08:16 on 07 APR 2010

I noticed on my pc a few days ago that I was running out of hard disk space despite the fact that I had not installed or saved anything large recently. I tracked the problem back to the folder where I keep the WSPR program.

The problem turned out to be that under the SAVE tag, the option SAVE ALL was selected rather than SAVE NONE. As a result, I had saved 8,300 .wmv audio files @2.3 MB each which took up 21.3 GB!

For this activity period, I left the receiver on the 80m frequency from the afternoon of the 22nd to about 08:00 utc on the 23rd.
Antenna : A very low dipole only 4-5 metres above ground level.

As expected, lots of EU stations. Most running several watts so nothing special. 2 exceptions were G3NFP running 100mW (~440 kms) and G0VAX running 20mw (~390 kms).

To the East, VK6POP (10w) was heard twice which was a big suprise! This was about 90 minutes before my local sunset (20:38 utc)

I left the rig on 40m for most of the activity period running from early on the 15th to around 08:00 on the 16th.

Using a very low doublet (~5m agl), the following were heard :
Europe....usual stations although DL6NL with 50mW was weak but consistent for the whole day.

DX...the following were logged :
VE3ODZ (5w)
WB4KLJ (2w)
KE7A (5w) in Texas...consistent signal for ~4-5 hours both mornings.
PY8ELO (20w)

Just got going as a receive only station. Took a while to figure out where the correct 200 Hz band was on 30m ;o)

My current receive set-up is very modest. Rig is a Kenwood TS690s. Antenna is a doublet antenna.....which is basically a 40 and 80 metre dipole in a fan arrangement and fed with 300 ohm twin cable. Height is very low.....only about 4 to 5 metres high.