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After having received reports with VK, VU2, CX2 and other DX stations, not only once, but at several times within a few weeks - which never happened to me before in my 33 years of experience as a ham operator - I got a report on my 20m signals from VK0BP at Antarctica, with 5W from my FT897 to a vertical dipole in a pine tree...

2009-07-29 03:56 SM0GXZ 14.097162 -23 0 JO99fd 5 VK0BP MC81xk 14983 154

Tnx Bob, for this first report from a new continent.

Vacation time - radio time, right ?
The very same day my summer vacation started, which I usually spend at the summer/ weekend QTH, 30 km SE Stockholm, I started to check out this "WSPR thing".
A friend of mine, SM0IKR Goran, had been whispering about this incredible, impressive digital mode.
I´ve been into some digital modes already, but I had heard Gorans voice in my head, for the last weeks, over and over again: "...running just a watt or two... with VK... .working the world..."
So, now I had time, so let´s check it out.

And now I´m stuck.

The software is really impressive, not talking about the result itself. Until now, I´ve roughly two days of experience of WSPR.
Amazing mode.
The rig here at the summer/weekend QTH is a FT-897, and a number of wireantennas hanging around in the pine trees.
The house is in a forest area in the archipelago of Stockholm, so antenna support is directly available.
With the pine trees surrounding the house, some vertical 1/4 wireantennas have seen the light, and today, I got a new 7 MHz 1/4 wave wire vertical with two radials up in the sky.
The 10 MHz antenna is also a vertical 1/4 wave with two radials.