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Hi all wspr followers. I have been mounting a 30m band, Stand alone WSPR beacon.
It includes:

- Main Board (W3PM design. Universal VCXO WSPR Controller with PIC 16F628 software).

- Colpitts Crystal Oscillator + Power Amplifier 100mW (30m QRSS hanssummers Kit, with litle mods).

- GPS (to update grid and clock automatically)

It need only 70mA in stand by, and 200mA in tx mode. Power suply 5v-14v.
More info in:

Hi all, some days ago, and now, here in Spain all Om's are receiving brutal interference between 10.136 to 10.160 Mhz. 30 m Band.
We need your help to determinate who is making this interference.
Please, check it, and report us if you receive this.
Many thanks for your colaboration. All reports are welcome!
Antonio from Madrid, Spain.
Muy buenas a todos, estoy recibiendo desde Madrid una interferencia que barre desde 10.136 a 10.160 Mhz... Es una brutalidad, ya que barre la banda de 30 m.