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I have been WSPRing on 6m all morning. I didn't see any stations at all. I use a loft mounted halo, so not brilliant, but at least its omnidirectional.

I have just resurrected another laptop from retirement. I'm still assessing how good the clock is, but it has been ok for several hours. I can now run two stations, presently 6m and 30m, although 6m is off right now. In principle I would like to do some serious measurements at 6m, always a band that has fascinated me, but it does need some responses.

Just checked back over todays reports:-

2008-05-23 11:24 G8EUX 10.140150 -7 0 IO92md +33 1.995 G8EUX IO92md 0 0

anybody say how that was done? I use automatic spot upload. However, I noticed that my PC clock was out this morning - it keeps excellent time mostly, but I think the anti-virus did a download this morning, which may have slowed the clock.

Peter G8EUX