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I am using a FT2000 and have noticed that the TX power varies greatly over the 2 min cycle. The power appears to change with each change of tone. It can change from 5W down to 0.5W over the cycle.
Is anybody else using an FT2000 or has anybody else seen this.
I know that the FT2000 is very sensitive to the frequency of the audio of the input signal. (Even the type of voice).

I was WSPRing on 10m for many hours yesterday and received a few big signals, but no body received me.


Robert F5VHN

I've been having a blast recently using WSPR.

The highlight was receiving T61AA for about 2 hours AROUND MIDNIGHT on 10m. This is a path fo 5555km.
He started off around -14dB and over the 2 hours decreased to -26dB. I checked with him and he confirms that he was active that night.

Yesterday I put up a 5/8th wave vertical for 10m ready for the activity day. I was going to do 80m during the night and 10m during the day, I think I will now stay on 10m for the 24hours.

Maybe RX only , (see my 'FT2000' blog)


Robert F5VHN

This this is my first day on WSPR, RX only (for the moment)
So I've been having a listen around the bands.

I've got a question, how can I check the accuracy of my RX/TX frequency ?

Thinking out loud , next week there is a very big meteor shower (Perseid), with some long bursts, It could be an idea have a 'play' on the high bands. The peak is on the morning of the 12th August, But it will be active a few days before and after.

Best 73

Robert F5VHN (nr Paris)