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Title doesn't sound spectaculair. However the antenna in use is a magnetic loop standing on the floor inside my garage. The transmitter does what it does en sends it's signal every 22 minutes. If you look for a received report by me you'll not find it. I'm sorry for being anti social. Working on a receiver solution without the use of a computer.

This transmitter works independent from my base station and mains. It is powered by solar energy. Thanks for reports everyone!

Trying some WSPR with 10mW tonight on 80m. TRX=FT817 Ant=80m square horizontal loop 7m agl.
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73, Bas

I've tried this software from but it doesn't copy the gridlocator data. Is there a way to convert that to ADIF as well. It should be possible with a excel sheet. But my knowledge of excel is limited. I've tried with the help of but it gives me so many errors that excel crashes. I need at least CALL, DATA, TIME, BAND, MODE, RST_RCVD and GRIDSQUARE to convert.

Since I put some WSPR reports into the HRD log to analyse it, something went wrong. Coincidentally I sent the reports to eQSL. I deleted the logs, but anyone who has received a eQSL from me for a JT65 QSO can delete it. Sorry for the inconvinience.


I think it's amazing !
I was testing today with 0,5W on 20m. After been spotted bij VK0 I was spotted by ZL2IFB. Unfortenatly my RX is not so good in the evening on 20m. Lots of noise here at the moment. Still very surprised by the results using WSPR just a few days.
I will be on 0,1W testing tomorrow on 20m.

As I had to update my Tom Tom navigation on the internet I had some time left at the same time to
install WSPR. At first I had some problems to get the RX noise level at 0dB as the built in RX/TX volume controls
do not work here in Vista. I had to adjust the volume at my modem. Then I was surprised and impressed that with only 1W I was received in India at 30m. This is really worth more investigation.
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