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This is a comment about the choice of 7.040 as the WSPR frequency on 40 meters. I recently posted a benign comment on the QRP list about openings in propagation based on my spots on the 30 meter band, and received a polite but negative comment from a ham who loves QRP CW on 40 meters. His negative feelings arise not from 30 meters, but from 40M. He points out that 7.040 is still a QRP calling frequency, occupied by CW ops for many years.

I have been increasingly fascinated by the precision and accuracy available in digitally controlled VFOs, like TCXOs, and disciplined oscillators using either Rh or GPS standards. But the lowly Si570 driving my Genesis 30/20 is holding to +/- one or two Hz, and it's pretty good against WWV, once calibrated. Right now, I've set my WSPR frequency to 10.140215, and I'm WSPRing away this evening....and that's precisely where it's being reported by most listening stations. I can even tell when some rigs are off by 10 or 20 Hz!

My article on WSPR and SDR is the cover story of this quarter's QRPARCI.