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According to my VOACAP models, propagation from UK / EU to ZS land should be very easy, even
with such low solar activity.

Previous sunspots lows have always produced reliable north / south propagtion.

I'm running 24/7 on 28Mhz WSPR if anyone in ZS land is about ?

73 de Andy

Am I missing something here ?

I see that WSJT-X includes an option to report to PSK Reporter website, as a back up for when (as does happen), WSPRNET.ORG goes down.

But unless I've had an accident with my mouse, it it NOT enabled by default. (I'm running the Linux version)

Why ?

Otherwise as a back up it's useless ;-)

Have I missed something ?

73 de Andy

This last week something odd happened.

WSPRNET would previously (I think this is how it works) add the last two digits on my locator square if known in it's internal database
on my transmissions. ***( I only transmit, and with a bunch of G0UPL ULtimate TX's).***

It no longer seems to be doing this.

I am in JO01MI, it now only reports JO01.

The set up here is a pair of G0UPL U2 rigs, and a U3 rig, all with their own GPS (no single point of failure) and nothing whatsoever
has been altered with then for about 4 years.

I recently posted on the Knights QRSS forum (https://groups.io/g/qrssknights) a look at how the 28MHz WSPR data compared to the observed results amongst the QRSS mode users on the same band. The results tied in with the WSPR data. Also just for fun I looked at the WSPR data for the other end of the spectrum, 160m to see how things reacted. The chart clearly shows the seasonal changes.

The page is here - https://sites.google.com/site/g0ftdradio/wspr-solar-cycle

Over the Christmas period I decided to dump Windows totally and go Linux.
Best thing I ever did really.

I now need to finalise my radio activities with getting WSPR running.

I can't make it work with WINE, so I wonder what others recommend for Linux ?

I'm running the latest LInux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon.

73 de Andy G0FTD

As noted over in the WSPRNET forums, loading the map display has been
throwing up occasional errors, usually moaning about Javascript.

There is also talk that Google are trying to promote a charging
scheme for access to the map.

Just curious as to why wsprnet needs to access Google maps at all ?

Surely a generic world map jpg could be used ?

73 de Andy

Most spots come from europe, the USA and VK/ZL.

Not much from the "millions" of African countries, or the biggest land mass called Russia.

Or even the electronics capitals of the world, Japan and China.

What up with the rest of the world ??

73 de Andy

I've just been reading the latest IARU R1 Newsletter.

It is available here -


Downloads it and it says that (about 80% through the document) that there is a recommendation
to "remove all dedicated WSPR spot frequencies and footnotes from the VHF managers handbook".

Have these guys at the IARU got a serious mental problem ?

Hmmm, I'm seeing multiple decodes from SM0EPX/RX2.
Not just from me, but everyone else too.
Typically reporting everyone 3 times for the same transmission.

73 de Andy

I see this now, Chaos Tools AJAX Demo down the side of the main page ;-)

73 de Andy

I've noticed for some time now that DC4LC is continually mis-reporting the
bands of his spots.

My 10Mhz TX is being reported as being on 7Mhz and 14Mhz.

Obviously these false spots are going to be happening to everyone he received on 10Mhz !

I don't have his contact details, but of DC4LC is reading this, can you please correct
your equipment.

Thank you.

73 de Andy

I've been playing with WSPR for about 4 years now.

I've kinda taken it for granted really, and I admit I don't even know who runs it or the work involved.

I suppose because it works so well I have taken it for granted.

But it's time to say thanks to all involved - thanks for being here, and provide one of amateur radio's most
unique slant on the hobby (in my opinion).

(I say one, because my hat goes off to the QRSS grabber chaps who provide another unique slant in the world of QRPp).

72/3 de Andy G0FTD

Just a gentle reminder folks...

Please check the accuracy of your WSPR transmissions, I still see quite a few out of the WSPR
sub band, especially on 10Mhz.

These cause QRM to the QRSS sub band which is IMMEDIATELY below the WSPR sub band.

I think that ALL users of these modern ultra narrow band modes really should think about investing in some
decent measuring equipment before being let loose on the air.

Try properly monitoring YOUR own signals, and you might be surprised !

Just recently we seem to have a plague of stations who transmit on
each two minute interval, especially here in europe.

Whilst I **fully understand** if anyone is testing out the drift
characteristics of their rigs by using 2 minute frames for a few days,
I cannot understand the stupidity of doing so for weeks on end, or months !

What if a local station to theses people wanted to do some listening
on the same frequency.

Such stupidity is nothing more than selfish to their fellow amateurs.

I wish they would grow up.


As I understand it the 30m WSPR subband ends at 10,140,100
although I know that the WSPR software includes a little bit
of overlap by default.

Unfortunately QRSS activity tends to start below 10,140,100Mhz
and there seems to be a few users using WSPR below the accepted sub band.

It may be a TX error and users not aware of it, but it would be nice
if WSPR'ers could bear in mind the QRSS activity below 10,140,100 please.

Kind regards,