LY1GP's blog

Couple of days ago decided to change setup which was working for a year already - ZetaSDR+Rocky+WSPR 1.0. Changed to WSPR ver 2.11. The start was not straightforward, finding the frequency offset took several hours and the result is more experimental than calculated. Then tested phase corrections. If somebody intend to use such setup my freq shift with clock oscillator at 14.31818 Mhz is 12980, RX I/Q not inverted and all phase corrections off (I found this option best already but will make more tests).

Yesterday I went on site to see why my WSPR RX was stopped. Discovered freezed PC with "Not enough disk space" message. WSPR v1.2 occupied all disk space - 72 GB per one moth and a half period. Now we on-line again. 73! Gintaras, LY1GP.

For more than month I am running RX WSPR with my ZetaSDR receiver, and Rocky software on 80 m. Despite the "antenna" which is just ~17m of wire in building closed environment and industrial site, results are quite good. When conditions are better WSPR stations of Uk and around are received even in daytime. Planning to run test on fullsize 80 m antenna. The only problem is that frequency of received station is displayed incorrectly by several Hz, because Rocky can not change freq in Hz. Will see a solution for that.