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QRP MEPT on 20m, 10 minutes frames, Ultimate2 with GPS and 2.07 firmware.
Tx'ing WSPR on 14097130, then DFCW on 14000830 (followed by Hell on 14064300).
Start no earlier than 0700 UTC until no earlier than 1000 UTC.
Daniele IZ5WWB

Now trasmitting (until approx 17.00 UTC) with Ultimate2 v2.05 and a very provisional dipole from my balcony in Livorno, Italy (JN53), with orientation towards West.

WSPR 28126,150

FSKCW 28000,850

CW 28280,850

Frame length (cycle repetition rate) is 10 minutes

Callsign is IZ5WWB

Daniele, IZ5WWB

WSPR 28124,850 kHz
FSKCW 28000,850 kHz
CW 28280,850 kHz

Daniele, IZ5WWB

This morning was a clear and sunny day here in JN53, but definitely too windy to be comfortable both for me and my telescopic whip antennas. Well, at least all stuff is ready for use, batteries are charged, a good location for portable operation has been identified in the hills behind Livorno, so now it is only matter of waiting for good weather conditions, hopefully in the coming week.


Daniele IZ5WWB

Hi all,

unless blocked by higher priorities, I will perform my very first tx tests next Sunday in the morning from JN53 (portable operation).

Current plan is to use first a ground plane antenna (approx. 7.30-8.30 UTC) then a rotatable dipole (approx. 8.30-9.30 UTC for the N-S direction, 9.30-10.30 UTC for the E-W direction).

The G0UPL Ultimate2 beacon kit will be used for transmission, continuously running following sequence of modes/frequencies, with callsign IZ5WWB:

WSPR 28126,850 kHz
QRSS (FSKCW) 28000,850 kHz
CW 28280,800 kHz