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During the night I switched from a random longwire NE-SW, to a 95cm Magloop, or MLA.
It looks a bit sad drooping down around the support pole, so I must fix that.
And it is placed inside the shack at the moment with axis NNW-SSE. From 0030z to 0900z it was tuned to 30m, and from 0901z has been tuned for 40m. I mistakenly left the TXing for 40m off until just now.
At the first estimate signals, and noise, are a bit lower.

TNX for the confirmations to my previous query.

Is this what shows on the front page?

I'm running a Dell 600 laptop into the FT-817 and the antenna is a low mounted temporary 40m dipole.
I left the power out level of my FT-817 at full during the activity session from about 0600z to about 0920z today. So the given power of 0.05 is rather inaccurate, and certainly not magic!
Still it is nice with spots in NA and two from VK land.
I set the output level down at about 0920, and will connect up the U3 again later today, on 30m.
Peter, LBOK / LA7ZMA

The U3 did not react well to 12V operation, silly me! Now I have repalced the PIC and the DDS and it works again and I run the unit through a 9-36V down to 5V isolated converter. No earthloop difficulties!
Will continue making improvements.