G0MOH's blog

G0MOH is at last firing some RF into the ether! Albeit 180mW from my Ultimate 3 beacon. My mag loop is in the attic, hanging on a nail off a roof rafter. Being heard all over Europe right away :-) Still got to get other antennas up. A wire of some sort for HF - generally QRP and CW - and a pair of 2m 8ele Yagis on Az/El for EME.

73 & Happy Christmas & New Year - Rob G0MOH (ex VK2GOM)

I will have to disassemble my station early 2016, since we are moving abroad. VK2GOM will go QRT, and will eventually become an 'available' callsign again when I don't renew my license in May.

I will attempt to re-activate my 30m WSPR beacon from the UK with my UK call, G0MOH.

73 - Rob VK2GOM

So much for hoping to run my WSPR beacon 24/7 365 days a year!

I was trying to assist in tracking one of the project space balloons, which sent JT9 data on 30m, and with my beacon going, I wouldn't be able to hear it. The balloon, launched from Melbourne, is now some way to the North East of New Zealand, and no longer audible here. Next stop for it probably South America if it stays inflated!

My WSPR beacon is now enabled and active again.

73 - Rob VK2GOM

I am now up and running on WSPR permanently (I hope!) with my newly built Ultimate 3S on 30m. All built in an afternoon.

After a few initial hiccups regarding control of the firmware, I am now operational.

I initially mistakenly set the power too low, probably only around 50 or 70mW but was still making the trip into VK5. I have now used my Digital storage oscilloscope and a precision 50R load and set the power using that. I have set it as close as I can to 180mW (8.5V p-p into 50R), and labelled my transmissions as 23dBm (200mW) which is as close as the dBm scale allows.

I have built a stepper motor USB controller ready for a magnetic loop, but have yet to build the actual loop.

I have cut a 30m half wave antenna, which is connected to the match-box of my PAR End Fedz antenna. The wire is still indoors, strung down the hallway, and dangles down the stairs, but it seems to work fine. I soon got it on frequency with my home brew antenna analyser. I still want to build and try a magnetic loop to see how the two indoor antennas compare. Will probably use 15mm Copper pipe with mechanical compression fittings, rather than having to buy a blowtorch and flux to use solder joints.

I carried out my first WSPR tests this evening on 30m. Rig is an Icom IC-746 running about 5W, or at least as little RF as I can, and the antenna is an American PAR End Fedz 40/20/10. It runs from the upstairs spare bedroom 'shack', and is tacked to a door frame. The wire then runs down the length of the hallway, then down the stairs towards the front door of our small house. Hardly ideal, and besides, the antenna is nowhere near resonant on 30m with a very high SWR.

Nevertheless - I was heard in Japan, ZL, and USA, and was also hearing stations bordering the Pacific. Not bad given the antenna restrictions!

I hope to either fit a resonant 1/2wave indoor wire up for 30m, or alternatively build a magnetic loop for indoor use that I can tune up on 30m.