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Just want to advise our 160m operators that I currently have up a 160m Beverage antenna and a 1/2 wave Inverted V dipole.

As the Beverage is an RX only antenna, what I am doing is running the Inv V for the USA guys (TX/RX) until I head to bed, then switching over to the Beverage to run RX mode till sunrise.

Here is the current list and what freq they are set to TX on -

Jayson VK1JA - 144.490570
Jim VK3ZYC - 144.490550
Iain VK5ZD - 144.490540
David VK5KK - 144.490525
Andy VK5LA - 144.490515
Keith VK5AKM - 144.490470
Dean VK3NFI - 144.490450

OK, since no one responded to the forum post, will have to put it here.

There are severe issues of interference from near by users of WSPR from JT65 users and vice versa on the 160m band. Not sure about any other bands? Ive not experienced it on others if it does happen.

I know we have reported problems from USA and Australia regarding this issue. With stations on either mode having their receptions ruined due to the alternating transmissions being to close together and putting up QRM across each others frequencies.


Hi all, just to let you know, a while back I created a Facebook group for 160m WSPR enthusiasts. There is a few people who have joined the group from different countries, its quite good and easy to advise of your activity and meet up with friends with similar interests.

As a bit of an experimental thing, I thought I would make some group pages for those interested in 10m WSPR and 6m WSPR, just to see how it would go and give those on Facebook an interest group that caters for them too.

If any 160m WSPR enthusiasts are interested, I've recently opened a "160m WSPR" Facebook page.

Just myself and Derek VK6DZ on there at present, but others from around the world most welcome and let us know what your up to in the world of 160m WSPR.


Hi Folks, as you would be aware, as the sunspot numbers rise and solar flux etc, the chances of signals passing on the 6m band increase.
We down in Australia have quite a good following on 6m WSPR with operators showing up on the map from different parts of the country.
We really would like to see some more stations on 6m WSPR from specific locations at the moment, particularly those with yagi antennas, but an omni will do if thats all thats available. Even if you can only listen and not TX that is still a good help.

I rarely operate on 10m SSB, tonight (16th Nov) I thought I would give it a go and share a few voice signals into Europe, Russia via the big Optibeam OB17-4 yagi.
I also gave mention to WSPR weak signal digital mode a few times to some of the hundreds of operators calling in the pile up, maybe some may come and have a look into WSPR now.

Hi all.

I was just thinking that it would be really handy to know, if someone is running a directional antenna with WSPR, what direction they are pointing.

It would be very handy, especially for people using 10m, 6m, 2m to know which way people have their antenna facing.

I was thinking that, for example, when u see a stations call on the WSPR map, that u click on their call and now it brings up data such as this "VK6DZ Tx 20% 50.294520 37dbm", that it would be handy if something basic could be included like -

VK6DZ Tx 20% 50.294520 37dbm NW


Last night I was able to use a Kite supported 160m 1/4 wave vertical antenna.

After a few teething troubles were rectified, the kite 1/4 wave worked really well, better than expected actually!

I went from almost hearing nothing from USA direction, to hearing quite big signals. Very impressed. Though it can be quite high maintenance due to gravity and wind variation.

I'll try and use it when I can on 160m.

Just want to inform anyone interested in 6m WSPR that Gary VK8AW is on air now and planning to be on air most days now.
Gary is now up north in Darwin, close up to the equatorial areas.
He is currently running 20W @ 20% but im not sure of his antenna at this stage.
I hope that some people can have a look for his signals, it could be quite interesting to see what happens.

Leigh VK2KRR

Just for all the 160m peoples info, you may have noticed Ive not been on 160m past few nights, ive not abandoned the band, but have removed parts of the Beverage antenna system as Im completely re-building it.
It was originally only set up in a temporary state just for testing purposes to see if it would work, and it seems to go OK, even though it has been set up quite poorly which would give it low efficiency.

Thanks to Jim JG1KGS, a few of the stations down here in VK have been lucky to hear and be heard by him on 28 MHz WSPR this week on the TEP paths. A few very strong signals on the 28 MHz band into the +10dB area with only low power.

I have set up a page on my website to try and monitor the TEP openings from 28 - 50 - 144 MHz. http://www.vk2krr.com/evening_japan_tep_log.htm

Will try and keep track of the best times.