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I am now RXing the DK stations on WSPR.

The problem is that some of them are using 5.364.600 Hz USB dial, and some others 5.364.700 ???

To catch all the stations,over not a 200 but 300 Hz transmitting window, I need to change at times my RX QRG. HI.

Please, can you decide what is the only and good USB dial frequency on the 60 m band...

On the way, it will be also nice that all the others IARU-1 countries QSY also on this new dial frequency, in accordance with the IUT recommendation.

By decision 2013-1515, issued to day 2014 march 12th in the French "Journal Officiel", all amators in France may now transmit on the MF band 472 - 479 kHz.

73 de Andy F6CNI.

I am ready for listening Europeans stations on LF and MF (2200 and 600 metres bands). Now the static noise on theses bands is decreasing, sure it is not so good as during winter, but I think that it is not so bad actually. I am only receiving here, but if you want to test your transmitter on LF or MF, I be OK and try to listen your transmission.

You can inform me on my adress mail, see it on QRZ.

73. Andy F6CNI.