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... on 30 m but unfortunately there are 3 or 4 stations that send all over each other right in the middle of the freqeuncy windows at 200.
Please after setting up your WSPR program choose something under or above the default setting on 200 to be sure not be overlayed with another station. See screenshot.

Many thanks!

73 de Gregor DM1RG

In the last two days I built the KGD-dipole and mounted it on the roof.
I made it resonant for 10,149 MHz for WSPR and surprisingly the first WSPR transmission with 5 Watts brought the following reports:
2010-04-22 16:20 DM1RG 10.140222 -8 0 JO61ei 5 G8SQH IO81tx 1018 280
2010-04-22 16:20 DM1RG 10.140257 -6 0 JO61ei 5 F6BIA JN18dq 778 252
2010-04-22 16:20 DM1RG 10.140253 -18 0 JO61ei 5 DL3LST JO61fi 6 90
2010-04-22 16:20 DM1RG 10.140255 -19 0 JO61ei 5 VK2/VK6DI QF55hf 16224 77

The antenna is only 1,30m long, two inductors with 64 winds each in the middle with a capacitor of 330 pF and then only two aluminium dipole arms 50 cm each.
I left the Yaesu with my big vertical antenna run parallel and found out that the KGD-dipole is receiving about 3-5 dB weaker than the vertical antenna what looks good to me.

I plan to build the same antenna for 14 MHz too soon and also use it for WSPR.

So from now on, my equipment for WSPR (except the laptop, hihi) is homebrew only:
Genesis G3020 SDR and KGD dipole from QRP project Germany (see link above). More to come!

I wish you all a nice weekend.

My G3020 is finished since some weeks but to get the software in order took some more days. Biggest problem was Windows 7 and the Software, also the driver for the EMU-0202. So I downgraded a laptop to XP again. The software is now fine and since yesterday evening european time the Genesis 3020 is finally receiving. I am QRV at 30m.
If I find the time today I will try to get it also to send some beacon.

Hi all. Phase 8 was completed sucessfully yesterday evening. Hope to find the time to continue with the rest this week. So far no big issues except some human failure ... hihi. I ordered a nice aluminium case for the kit and also a E-MU0202 soundcard.
Have a good start in the new week!

73s from JO61ei, Gregor DM1RG

Good morning!
I completed the phase 5 of my G3020 kit. Hopefully I find so much time to build the next days as I did last week to get on the air with the G3020 soon. I would be interested to get some information fromt he ones of you that use G3020 og G40 which soundcard you use and which SDR software you prefer.
Thanks for your comments.
73 de DM1RG Gregor

Hi. Just finished phase 2 sucessfully. All 4 oscillators are working. Now I will have a cup of coffee and then continue with phase 3, the switch board.
Have a nice day all, I am on air at 30m.
DM1RG Gregor

Hi all. My G3020 kit arrived today at JO61ei. Parts inventory is completed and also Phase one. The power supply is running and I got a green LED lighening at the end. So thats almost a good end of the day. Tomorrow I will have a day off so the solder iron will smoke all over the day.
Have a nice evening all.
Cheers, Gregor DM1RG

Hi Preston! Thanks for the reply.
I read you comments about the G3020 on the vendors page there.
Yeah I have several usb2serial converters flying arround at home. I would prefer "extract" one from its "case" and directly mount it inside the case of the G3020 then.
I am aware that it seems to be lots of work to do, perhaps thats the reason why I fancy with this kit. Except my sound converter for digimode I have nearly no homebrew staff in my shack and this is uncool.
The G3020 is maybe a good start. Since I learned electrotechnical job the soldering is hopefully not the problem. At leasts its not SMD at all.
I already saw the cooling fans in some pictures in the internet, already have a nice fan for this in backup.
Although I have a brand new Intel CoreI7 - PC with an ASUS board at home I never trust "onboard soundcards". But I must say at least for music this one on the ASUS board is ok. What does not necessarily mean that its ok also for WSPR and digimode.
Is there an external soundcard model you can recommend? External thats why because I plan to take the G3020 along with the laptop when traveling and the laptop build in soundcard is definitely crap.

Thanks for all that did reply and giving me useful hints. For now I will try to reduce the audio level feeded to the FT857 to get less power out. Maybe next week I try to find time to build the attenuator but I see this only as a temporary solution. Instead of feeding 5 Ampere into the FT857, transform at least 4,5 Watts into heat and in the end send with 500 mW I am now considering to buy an SDR. So far the Genesis 3020 looks most comfortable to me, also because of the price.
Well, I am not the "solder-god" but I think I can make it, also there seems to be much support online.

Hi all! Everytime I read the "special activities" where power of 500 mW is mostly planned I wonder how you guys do it and which RIG's you use for this. I use an FT-857D where the lowest power set is 5 Watt. Although I know that in fact because of some loss in cable and tuner now the whole 5 Watts reach the feed of the antenna even with this 5 Watts its obviuosly no problem to get reports from Australia with my crappy multiband vertical antenna. So I'd love to do it with less power and really send a "weak" signal but how? What RIG's do you use?