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After "fiddling around" with some difficulties, I have it running now. Before XMAS my SDR-IQ RX arrived from the U.S. (RFSpace company). Using the VAC(Virtual Audio Cable) software I got the AF fed into WSPR and it is running very fine now. RXwise only of course.
Anyone else is using the SDR-IQ here ??
GL es 73 de Christoph DF9CY

The 40m low power activity on the XMAS days were fantastic. I found it almost unbelievable, of what my little Softrock_RXTX6.1 is capable TXwise with the 450mW as well as RX wise. I have a high noise level from halogen light switching PSUs here otherwise receiving could be better. Despite my antenna - which is a full size dipole for 40m - is up only about 6m, my signal was heard down in VK7 and ZL. Thanks to all for participating to the activity.
73 de Christoph DF9CY

I have running my Softrock 6.1 RXTX with PowerSDR40 and WSPR for about a month now and it works very fine and stable. For those who may be interested my setup is:
Antenna: 40m dipole low at about 7m above ground
Hardware: Softock RXTX Version 6.1 (80m/40m Version)
Computer: Pentium Core2Duo 5200 w. 2GB RAM
Soundcard: E-MU0202 at 96 kHz
Software: PowerSDR40 <-> VAC 1,2 || VCOM <-> WSPR

Hi all,
Finally I got my Softrock 6.2 (80m/40m) running for WSPR. I am using ROCKY feeding the VAC (Virtual Cable) feeding WSPR. I tried Winrad, but I have massive stability problems with it. One of the first stations received with the Softrock was VK6BN. Great stuff. Any others here using the Softrock ???
73 de Christoph DF9CY

I found my TenTec RX320D to be a wonderful WSPR receiver. I have to set a slight offset of 27 Hz. No more drift seen after switching on than with the TS690s. It is a pity that it has no transmitter ...

I found WSPR 1.0 and WSJT7 with WSPR QSO mode today on Joe's (K1JT) site. I already downloaded them and installed both programs. So far they are running well.

So: Where to place WSPR QSO frequencies in the bands ?? We should *NOT* use the WSPR beacon frequencies !!!
I have no idea (for the moment) if appropriate 200 .. 400 Hz (Yes Hertz) segments above or below the WSPR frequencies are available ?!?

So comments please ...

73 de Christoph DF9CY