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Yesterday I started receiving in WSPR again after a long pause of not being active in this mode. Unfortunately I only could be active by receiving in case of some "internal problems" with other rf-equipment nearby my wire-antenna.

Maybe I get my pappradio running again with wspr - at the moment it wouldn't receive any signal in WSPR... Must be a problem with Fiq-frequency or something with "swap i/q-channel" I think.

It's very difficult to find the cause of this but I am sure I would find it some day.

Today I started running WSPR on my HCJB Pappradio SDR-Receiver. It's receiving only. Running on an 22m endfeeded indoor antenna I would see what this little thing can receive in WSPR Mode.

This line in the database makes my heart a little jump :-)

Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
2010-03-16 15:50 DG9VH 7.040100 -21 0 JN39kf 5 VK7FGMH QE37na 16911 92

All with just 5 watts on 20 mtrs. wire under the house-top!

fantastic, what could be done with such a setup!


now starting WSPRing today for the first time and after a time of running all rx-reports show a drift of -1 of my signal. I think it could be a thermal effect on the trx (transmitting 2 minutes with 5 watts output could heat a little bit up inside of this nice trx).

Are there any known issues with this trx? Is the Yaesu FT-857D known for "running away" a little bit?

I take an eye on it.