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Since I started WSPRing 3 years 38 weeks ago on 30M, I have heard data signals above the Wspr slot. Of course you actually listen to the audio when starting Wspr.

Just this morning I heard a JT65 signal inside the Wspr passband, starting up WSJT I monitored the JT65.

It was a C91 station sending a CQ, also on the WSJT waterfall was my old data signals.
Looking at the screen capture it looks like a narrow FSK signal from one station to another, one strong (S9) and the other weaker signal in return, then stops.

http://goo.gl/BIQNE a drawing

http://goo.gl/KA5BA a photo

http://goo.gl/Mmh1P a 20M TX @ 5 Watts Spot database from Magloop

As I live in a high density suburb I try to keep a low profile.
I just use coax. inner sliding in one end of a tube as the tuning capacitor, as 5 Watts doesn't generate a high voltage.


Don't forget like I did, make sure you give WSPR2 Admin. Rights.

Or it will load up with 30M and not the band you thought it was last on.

I love Vista, it protects my computer, but you always have to set Rights for all programs

you want to run.

Sorry for all the wrong spots today. ( a handful)

as another Amateur has suggested use just one NPN transistor if you feel happy
with a connection between your rig and computer port.


Note: the higher value resistor between RTS and base of transistor.

Just depends what transistor you have from your junk box.

I and many others believe in keeping an interface as simple as possible.

Makes things easy to repair, no RigBlasters here, or Signalinks.