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Hi all

What i do see is that many people are running there system on demand. Or more like 24/7
I guess it's allowed in other countries???

I do know it's not allowed in the netherlands.. But even there people seems to disobey the rules.
I find this strange. Maybe i have to ask where did they get there license hihi. At the super market. :)


What i found out today when i'm using my filters.

Normaly i will use 2.4khz , Roofng filer on Auto so wide ssb. This evening on 40mtr i turned down the filter to 600khz. The signal did inprove with more db's. Also i turned the Roofing filter on with the setting 3k. Is this normal what i see in the results? Ok we have fading but that much.. Look at RA9CUA 8db difference