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I saw the strangest thing when I went through the my WSPR log and the WSPR database this morning. Last night (12 Jan 10) at 1012Z (0212 local PST) I copied a garbled WSPR signal "UM2XUJ" on 503.814 kHz in gridsquare JO23 with 20 dBm of power. BTW I know my receiver usually reports about 30 - 50 Hz or so low. I initially thought this might have been some corruption of WD2XSH/12 or /10's signal but neither were transmitting in this time window.

I pulled the WSPR spot logs from the database and only found one station that was detected by others at the same time was LA3EQ on 503.916 kHz (as reported by a GM4 station). In that GM4 report LA3EQ had a gridsquare of JO28wj and a power of 20 dBm. Obviously the callsign and gridsquare are not the same but the major letter portion of the gridsquare is right and so is the power level. If this is was in fact was LA3EQ then this would be my first over the pole 600 meter DX.

BTW later I checked LA3EQ's website and Jan's gridsquare is JO28xj. It's interesting to note that X and J are included in the garbled callsign (same as the minor portion of his gridsquare).