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I wanted to express appreciation to all who sent emails and responded to my inquiry about setup of the Yaesu FT-817 on WSPR. It's been working like a charm all week, sometimes on 40, mostly on 30M. What a hoot!

I am having so much fun seeing how far my puny signals can be heard and vice versa! I've dropped it from 5 watts at first, to 1 watt, and now run mostly 1/2 watt.

Looking forward to seeing you signals on my activity screen/map! 72 (that's the QRP version of 73!)

Hello, everyone. I heard Joe Taylor's talk at the NJ ARRL Convention yesterday on WSPR and decided to give it a try at home! I downloaded the manual (excellent, of course) and the software to my Windows 7 PC in the shack. I connected the cable from an older Tigertronics SignaLink SL-1 between my Yaesu FT-817 and the PC and, within a few minutes was receiving signals on 30 meters on my screen! It was getting to be late evening and my G5RV is not a great antenna on 30, so I left it on to listen.

Transmitting is another matter. I played around with different settings and was finally able to get the rig and the SL-1 to key up. However, with another transceiver with a dummy load, tuned to listen to around where I thought my WSPR signal should be, I was unable to hear anything other than a quiet "whoosh" sound. I suspect I've got the equivalent of an "open mike" with no actual tones being transmitted.

Although I heard MANY stations around the world overnight, no one heard me, so that confirms what I thought.