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I had several decodes in the early hours today from N1NAZ. This was the best SNR:

Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
2014-01-29 02:20 N1NAZ 1.838099 -21 0 FN42gu 5 G3YJR IO93fj 5102 51

I was using a 40m delta loop at about 10m high for the main horizontal(ish) section.


I've decoded 143 LZ1OI, and 47 EA5DOM. I can see another trace at 210 ish, just outside the band, so I'll try tuning 20 Hz higher to see if I can decode it. My calibration may be a bit out?

That brought another station into the band, but no decode. I can see another station futher up. I see no stations in the lower 50 Hz of the band. I'll tune up another 40Hz, so dial freq 28.124,66 Mhz now 12:31 UTZ.

My only dx that day at over 12000km.

Strange are the ways of 10m

Date Call Frequency SNR Drift Grid dBm W by loc km
2012-11-16 14:58 G3YJR 28.126036 -19 0 IO93fj +30 1.000 K1JT FN20qi 5483

Nice to see Joe Taylor's computer decoded a packet from me. I hope to work him by SSB some time!


2012-11-23 17:12 G3YJR 28.126035 -22db PY2SDR GG56tv 9624km 222

If I'm reading the log correctly, PY2SDR heard my 1W at 9624km, so I'm pleased with that for the day.

KO6SY near Los Angeles was a good distance at 8537km was my only west coast USA hop.

A decode of HS8KAY in Phuket, Thailand was a surprise at 10:10 GMT for 9953 km, but then he was belting out 5W!


Best dx so far today on my one watt to 2 el Moxon: RZ6AVM in KN95la at 3039 km.

I've been running WSPR on several days in October.

So far, my best DX on 1W has been LU8ENU at 11,208 km.

I seem to get N America around mid-day & S America later in the afternoon & early evening.

Graham - G3YJR

Several traces from CN8LI this afternoon, but only 1 decode at -29dB.

Maybe sporadic E?

1W to the Moxon today

1 Watt to 9el Tonna

I'm getting some very strange decodes, so I'm not quite sure what's going on.

I'll let it run for a while, tx on 144.489,469 MHz.

Dave, G0DJA and I had a go with WSPR on 23cm today.

Dave transmitted today & I listened.

We only tried a few transmit cycles. I received good strong traces with little drift and with rx well time-synched.

On 4m, Brian's signals from Liverpool way often show doppler reflections & distortion, but decodes are reliable.

Thanks for the suggestion of GB3RAL Graham. Unfortunately I can't hear it! I can't hear GB3MCB most of the time either.

GB3ANG 70.020 reads 70.019,89 so 110 Hz low on the dial.
GB3CFG 70.027 reads 70.027,75 so 750 Hz up on the dial.

So no consistent shift and so I don't trust the accuracy of the beacon frequencies.

I'll try 28.028,80 as my dial freq for WSPR today & see if I can spot you & Brian again.

This hasn't worked so far.

I'm pretty sure the clock is pretty well synchronised and the antenna and transverter are working pretty well. The WSPR software worked fine on 10m with sensible-looking decodes.

The problem may be that my rx frequency is off. I'm having a problem checking this as the only beacon I've heard recently is GB3ANG.