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WSJTX 1.7 installation appears to work fine on RPi2B with Ubuntu 16.04, a bit slow on JT65 decodes, but to be expected, I used image with ssh installed so could avoid using connected monitor and keyboard. Then installed VNC and gnome so can use remote GUI for access. Only problem so far is incorrect keyboard mapping when trying to fill in callsign and locator text boxes. Got round it by cutting and pasting from terminal window. This would be a big problem for a chatty protocol like psk31, but not for the minimal text jt protocols.

wsprnet.org was down globally according to downuptime.net This seems to be a server bandwidth issue. Perhaps the spot database handling should be run on a separate server? I also get frequent failed data upload access attempts.

Hi all

I've written some code in Vis C++ to display waterfall of wspr sigs etc., and have also input a gps pps pulse on the other channel of the sound card. I know wspr sigs are not timed to us accuracy, but the same code can be used to estimate propagation delay of ibp beacons which are accurately timed. Anyway my query regards the timing experiments done by some wspr people using wwv etc. The problem with doing it my way is that the propagation delay through the receiver is not accounted for, and I know an alternative method involves coupling the pps output to the receiver input directly.

I think the good thing about the wspr project is that it highlights the importance of energy per bit, especially over an ionospheric path. Keep shouting, no matter how weak your voice, and you will be heard eventually, so long as you keep going long enough. Metaphor for life?

My experience of using wspr to control ft897 through usb port using Prolific usb->9 pin rs232 (XP and wspr 2.21 v 2286):

Doesn't work unless you force the pc to assign com1 (perhaps up to com3 but not com4 and above)

ctrl panel->system->hardware->device manager->ports->port settings->advanced and set the com port to com1.

Not a fluke 'cos same on two pc's

Noticed that the latest freq hopping wspr software has an 'rx noise' floor ~15dB higher than v2.0, and also that it has crashed after a few hours with a Windows run-time library error. V2.0 was very stable on my XP machine.

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