PE9DX's blog

Today I received my first SWL rpt by mail from Frank Hunger from Germany.
A nice postcard and a very nice letter with ofcourse the details from his reception report.
Thanks for this one Frank and a qsl card is on the way back to you.

Greetings Johan, PE9DX.

I will be qrv sunday from local sunset till next morning sunrise 18/19 Juli for some RX test on Top Band.
Will be only RXing with my ALA 1530 loop antenne, will put him in direction NW/SE.
So lets see what we can receive this night.

Johan PE9DX.

As a longtime user from WSJT programs for MS and EME I also tried the WSPR program after some talk with Jan PA3FXB last friday at our clubmeeting.
Saterday I RXed a whole day and night on several bands, and on sunday I also did my first TX attempt.
Was very surprised to see my signal was received at many places in EU and even in the US!!
I am using about 1 to 5 Watt out from my FT-920, as antenne I have a 1/4 wave vertical tuned for 20 meter only.
Is great fun to see it is working in combination with the internet page WSPRnet.
Well done all!!