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Here is the screen received 2day june30 meanwhile nothing from usa even have a qso even have a qso with W1JJ a few minutes before.

1218 -26 0.8 50.294534 0 M1DUD JO02 30
1222 8 -0.4 50.294463 1 EA4ETR IN80 40
1232 -15 0.3 50.294470 -1 IW1PAK JN33 37
1234 -19 -0.4 50.294513 -2 KP4ED FK68 37


I started today the frequency hopping between the 6m(6elts) and 2m(13elts)using the IC746.The CAT works without any problem.
Still not receive any spot from the 2m yet but hear CT & EA chatting .
73s de CN8LI/Said.

I received on june 18 KA1MDA around 20h00 and agn on june 19 around 18h00 with K1JT. Monday june 20 i received agn K1JT but around 13h00.Pse see the attachment.
For all the spots above i was far from my shack.

I was spotted @13h20 by CX2ABP using .002w and 3elts/tribands beaming 0 degree in the 20m.The distance is 9217km.wx was and still rainning this monday 9 december.Tnx to Joe/K1JT.
Nw i m txing with .001w to see the best distance i can reach with the beam always to 0 degree.