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Edit: 05/24 -- Setup is quite deaf :-( Saving on power consumption and stopping this experiment. Will be on 40mb and 6mb when I have time.

I have a ferrite antenna connected to an AOR-8600MK-II that is RX-only on the 30mb. Last night spots show that the AOR is a bit off frequency though :-( If I can't fix the frequency issue, I'll dig out the PCR-1000 for RX duties.

Sorry about that!

Was testing out the old PCR-1000 for RX duty and I totally missed the band setting. I'm controlling the PCR using flrig and not via wsjt-x.


it seems my other laptop has issues.

i swapped out one laptop (w/ OS X) for another laptop (old Windows Vista). all other items in the chain are the same, cables, interface, radios, antenna. sending out 30dBm on the ft-817.

Tokushima (some 500km away) is hearing me and reporting me at different frequencies w/ different SNR. at first i thought there was a bug w/ the 1.7-rc2 release i'm using but the same issue occurs with the official 1.6 (r6263) release. my ft-817 is showing 0 bars of alc.

Has been QRT for several months, just got lazy and overworked.

Finished moving to a new apartment! I have unpacked my HV-5S, FT-817 and SCU-17. I was disappointed after checking my setup last night and this morning. S8 noise on the bands supported by the HV-5S (40mb, 15mb, 6mb). Sheesh. Noise was tolerable in my previous appartment.

Antenna is indoor (attached to a tripod) since now I have no veranda. :-( Apartment is made of wood so indoor made sense to me.

I've got old JRC AC line noise suppressors on the outlets that I use.

So I've let the FT-817 run Tx for a day. The last Rx I got was 0048Z with a local station (JH1HRJ) after that the band seemed dead. I get VK4TVL around 0900Z but on this day I was not able to hear him/her.

The attached file shows the waterfall I saw when I checked the laptop running WSPR-X. There is very pronounced "banding". On "normal" days everything will just be covered with noise (i.e. the bands aren't perceivable).