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the link


is my web site where my MEPT based on arduino and si5351 is detailed.

the .ino files for both FSKCW QRSS and WSPR can be found using the Github link at top right of web site.

I have yet to file the RF section of the MEPT but the block diagram of digital section is given.

I hope this proves to be of interest.



I am in the process of creating a web site showing my WSPR and QRSS MEPT. In the meantime I have uploaded my WSPR Sketch to GitHub.


here is a link https://github.com/vk3edw/WSPR-MEPT

I hope this sharing proves of interest. I will advise when the web site has been created.


I have been running WSPR for some time and now have moved to 7.039851 Mhz with 5 Hz shift QRSS mode over Xmas and New Year

Will be posting a new web site in New Year to show my Arduino/si5351 design with code.

Happy festive season to all


I have been playing with an arduino, gps pcb, si5351 and a tx running 1 watt from two BS170's.

Attached photo shows MEPT detail.

Works well on QRSS and now I have programed to run WSPR as well.

I will be posting a web site soon where all my design and code will be available.

Antenna is a multiband vertical and I am running WSPR on 7Mhz at the moment.

Hope to see your spots.



Up and running wspr2.12 on 40m and 20m using a recently built peaberry V2 SDR. Running 1 watt into a multiband vertical/mfj versa tuner combo. Thrilled to be heard by KK1D on 40m last night and this evening getting reports from europe on 20m. Obviously spotting here aswell with lots of reports uploaded. attaxhed is a file showing unique calls hearing me. Regards to all.