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After tinkering most of the day with the Bike wheel loop,I finally replaced the coaxial loop feed I was using with just a piece of wire loop. I am now able to get a 1:1 swr down from a 3:1. Since I'm only running .2 watts and the loop is only about 50% efficient it is quite an issue. The feed loop is a little less than 1/5 the loop diameter too. Several loop articles I have read, recommend that. I have ordered a dc motor control for the motor that is attached to the variable capacitor. Right now I'm tuning it with a pair of channel Locks, pretty hit and miss.

Today I got a Mag loop made from a Bicycle wheel rim put together. My Ultimate 3s is on 17meters, but so far no joy. The loop tuning is very tricky. Methinks I need to get my Antenna Analyzer out of the garage. I'm Being a wimp since there is about a foot an a half of Snow on the ground and more coming every minute.

My wife and I spent the month of February in Florida. Old people do that. We made it back home on march 11, and I fired up the QRP-Labs unit this morning. While I was away, I contemplated some antenna designs going forward. I am particularly interested in mag loops, so before the weather gets better, I will be working on a couple design ideas. I'd like to have a RX system too, but there is a high noise level here, and probably it wouldn't be effective, but a mag loop may work, to reduce the noise. We shall see.