Low Flux.
Everyone on vacation.
Yech on HF.

I'm totally amazed at what 1W can accomplish. I've seen my call sign spotted in Australia, Brazil, parts of South America.... All over the place. Just 1W. I am really enjoying WSPR.

I plan to run WSPR for the duration of the eclipse experiment from the UK. Other family members are directly in the path of totality and I'm encouraging them to run the AM channel experiment at

1048 -13 -4.1 14.097204 -2 VU2LID MJ88 37 2729

1050 -16 -3.8 14.097115 0 VU3KAZ MK82 30 2472

1056 -14 -4.0 14.097203 -1 VU2LID MJ88 37 2729

1058 -6 -4.0 14.097112 0 VU2ATN ML88 37 2132

1100 -------------------- Transmitting WSPR ----------------------- 20m

1106 -27 -4.1 14.097000 -2 VU2LID MJ88 37 2729

1106 -7 -4.0 14.097109 0 VU2ATN ML88 37 2132

Today a very quickly erected low 80m dipole to provide a reference to the two turn Mag loop.

Just got the Wsprlite going this week(Aug 4th now), impressed with how far it gets out and is a big help to see what the band conditions are hour by hour.

Will be taking it up to Georgian Bay starting Sunday the 6th and will be putting it on the air with one of a Cushcraft R5 or an 8010 end fed in an inverted "L" configuration supported by a 12m Spiderbeam.

Very interested to see and compare the differences between that and my home setup.

After an 8-month down period, I'm back up and running on 20.

I finally got a Raspberry Pi 3 beacon going with the TAPR 20 meter shield going after a long silence. New rig is set up with home brew Magnetic look tuned to 14.097 MHz.

Time will tell how it performs.


I plan to operate a WSPR station during the Great North American Eclipse ( on August 21, 2017. My research indicates this could be a unique event during the rapid collapse of the D-layer allowing spectacular east-west greyline propagation as the path of totally travels across North America. No, I'm not going to be racking up QSO's as I'll be too busy watching the eclipse!

handle is John.
Located on Droop Mountain, W.V. about 4000 ft. in Space. Most all antennas are inverted "V".
About 28 acres and the best is that Im located in the U.S. Quite Zone near Green Bank were the largest rotatable dish in the world is located.
Noise floor is unreadable, super great VHF site where I also have my repeateer.

Finally got the go ahead from the better half to put up some roof mount tripods so I could set up a 20m dipole at 30 feet and a "EFHW 4010" multi-band 40/20/15/10 by MyAtennas. In looking at the spots I'm really happy with the results because even with the "fair" solar reports with just 50 watts on 40m I was heard into Spain from Utah in the western USA and with just 10 watts I was heard into New Zealand and Australia on 20m.