I am building Ultimate 3S kit and testing it along the way. Some pictures of the build

In the maritime world, AIS is used to track vessels. This is the first time that WSPR is being used to track a vessel as it transits Canada from east to west via the Northwest Passage in 150 days to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. We managed to create a "confederation" without a civil war or overthrowing the Crown (we are so polite, eh). The Queen of England is also the Queen of Canada. AIS is very similar to APRS and has VHF and satellite components. You can track the Polar Prince using marine AIS as well as WSPR.

Started new antennatest yesterday to investigate the difference on horisontal and vertical dipoles on 14 MHz .

So far the vertical might have a small advance.

OZ1BPZ is using the vertical and 5P1CC is on the horisontal.

Sorry, all spots from PA7MDJ between 2017/06/04 2230 UTC and 2017/06/05 0012 UTC have the wrong band reported. The band reported is 20m, it should have been 40m.

Sri, all spots oz/dl4vm from 30/05/2017 16:04 utc to 04/06/2017 4:44 utc had the wrong locator.
I`m on vendsyssel-thy-island eu171 jo47pc
73 de tom

Just started with WSPR using a WSPRlite running 200mw on 14Mhz from Scotland. I'm pretty much amazed at the range that is achievable running this tiny box and less power than a cellphone. First station in the USA has appeared in the log overnight.

Dear friends! Got the first in my life QSL card from swl13562. For 1 year of hobby in the WSPR theme was much, but it was a very pleasant surprise in the envelope! Many thanks to Ruud NL13562. 73 !!!

Hi all

As others mentioned - the Canadian C3 expedition celebrating 150 years of Canada with 150 day voyage through the famous North passage, started from Toronto yesterday evening. Onboard is a WSPR transmitter donated by QRP Labs consisting of:

Track the Epic Voyage

See map attached

- Norm VE3LC

Just getting interested in WSPR, trying to get some sort of txrx system going.

Follow the WSPR Beacon from CG3EXP on the C3 Expedition Vessel leaving Toronto on the Great Lakes today. The QRP Labs Ultimate 3 transmitter installed on the Icebreaker Research Vessel "Polar Prince" will be transmitting on the 20, 30 and 40 bands. The Canada C3 is a signature Project for Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation this year. The Expedition is a 150 day voyage from Toronto, up the St.

If you're not getting spots and you think your setup is good ... it won't hurt to verify your TX QRG.

Lately, I've been noticing some WSPRs outside of the software's band pass (screen capture attached).

Hello WSPRs of the world.

I am now WSPRing with my new FT-991A and my custom wooden stand which sandwiches my LDG AT-200ProII matcher between two pieces of 25mm thick foam. That has stopped the case from ringing every time the relays click over. Fist time WSPRing tonight with new set-up and the first test transmissions on 40m hit Australia and the USA from England with no trouble. This stuff is highly addictive!!

I will stop WSPR(PM95RQ) because of moving.
I have been operating WSPR for about 4 years.
I appreciate every WSPR stations.
73 & 88 JG1TWP Tokyo

This is a test.