I got a PIC-EL to use on WSPR to save using my expensive HF radio. I got it going but was frustrated by a lack of an output when its transmitting a signal (needed to key a PA) and the DDS60 drift.

I have written up my solutions at

It includes details of how to GPS lock a DDS60



I am listening on 4m WSPR again today, RX only. Using my old Yaesu Converter and home brew Vertical Dipole antenna.

Results in the evenings last week were encouraging with Spots of G6AVK, 127km, 5Watts to his Vertical only 2.5m off the ground.

HF Tx antenna unavailable.

Rx only. Equipment FRG-100 + 100ft random wire.

Current unattended automatic monitoring of 10m

It appears that DL5RBD was receiving 20-meter signals, but reporting them as 40-meter signals on 09JUN2010.

... on 30 m but unfortunately there are 3 or 4 stations that send all over each other right in the middle of the freqeuncy windows at 200.
Please after setting up your WSPR program choose something under or above the default setting on 200 to be sure not be overlayed with another station. See screenshot.

Many thanks!

73 de Gregor DM1RG

I'm obtaining very good TX results on 30m with a poor balcony mounted fishing road antenna,
about 4.5m of AWG28 wire, oriented at 45 degree, feeding a 4:1 UN-UN (T200-2) transformer, followed
by a Z11 PRO2 tuner.

At firts TX shot, reached New Zeland, ZL3TY, and many US East cost stations, with a power of 5 watts.
Then Venezuela, YV4GJN.

Thanks to both for their WSPR activity.


It's good to see some more distant stations on 10m after months of just hearing locals.


My one-watt radio wave on 17m(18MHz) band was heared in URUGUAY.
The distance from Japan to Uruguay logged is 18584Km and this is the maximum record ever since I started WSPR.
Uruguay is almost opposite side of the Globe, so I may not get longer distance in future.
Thank you CX2ABP/Rodolfo for operating WSPR.

2010-05-29 14:20 JA1QQU 18.106057 -24 -1 PM95tl 1 CX2ABP GF15wc 18584 92
(found 4 logs in about 1 hour)

de JA1QQU/Yas

I've been mildly interested in WSPR (and weak signal in general). Today I decided to listen on 10m - put the RX loudspeaker on the table next to my netbook running WSPR. Shortly after it decoded 4A4BEJ at 2127Km which correlated with the database.

Wow! Nothing special here RX wise, just a quarter wave vertical and IC-706. I'm going to work with WSPR more often and think about an audio interface to the transceiver. Reading the forum here shows a good community around WSPR as well.

Good WSPRing - David.

Got my WSPR station setup. Using an FT-817 running 1 watt into a sloping 30 meter dipole. Upper end of dipole is at 50 feet. The slope should favor the west. On the first transmission the farthest station to hear me was K7LG at 3014 km. SNR was -18. Eight stations heard my first transmission: W6SZ, K8CYV, SWLPMTN, K7LG, VE7THZ, W3HH, AB6OR, AC0NM.

There is a Colorado station that seems to be very potent. W5OLF is easy to communicate with.
I'm guessing W5OLF is near a mountaintop?

I have ventured off of 30 meters (default) a few times, but have not had any response from any other band yet. I will be trying this in the future. Unfortunately, I don't have easy access to run an antenna outside. I have to crack open the door, setup my buddipole and run a line out the door. It's a very temporary station.

Will continue to experiment here in Missouri.

I really like this WSPR. I'm experimenting with it right now. I was surprised to see that I had heard a Japanese station recently...since I'm here in Mid America (STL)

I will be leaving my reciever on and seeing how many reports I can upload in the next few days.

My doublet, an ATU and a borrowed TS450s, and i'm up and running. I don't have a data interface, so i've plugged in the headphones and placed them on the laptop, near the microphone. It works!! I've heard my first 10 spots. So now I can search for my callsign on the database and get some hits. Hooray.

Now, why am i getting upload timeouts? Must sort out a data interface. Must tidy the shack up so i have desk/shelf space so i can leave this kit running... must get a longer piece of paper for my to-do list....